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Driving and Community Mobility

The driving program at Kalamazoo Area Rehabilitation Services, P.C. (KRS) provides comprehensive driving evaluations and individualized training programs to address specific driving needs. Our goal is to provide a high quality evaluation and when indicated provide the proper education and training to offer our clients the best chance to become, or maintain, the ability to be independent drivers.

At KRS we recognize the importance of driving and the impact it has on a person's life. Therefore, we explore every option to allow independent driving for our clients. In some instances independent driving is not possible or recommended due to safety concerns; in these cases we work to ensure that our clients maintain "Community Mobility".

Community mobility is the ability to move about the community using private or public transportation to maintain independent living, allow for social involvement with family and friends, and to provide the opportunity for participation in leisure activities. By examining all available options for our clients we help them identify and explore resources in the community that may meet their mobility needs. At KRS we not only identify these resources, but we also train and educate our clients on the use of them and provide assistance in obtaining these services while taking personal and physical concerns into consideration.

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Driving Evaluations & Training